The Blue Penguins Pukekura visitor experience will be resuming from the 6th of January 2022. Call or email us to place your reservation.

Our kaitiaki guardianship of the Blue Penguins Pukekura is a joint venture between The Pukekura Trust, The Otago Peninsula Trust and The Korako Karetai Trust.

The Trusts work together to ensure protection, conservation and enhancement of the area known as Takiharuru Pilots Beach for the benefit of its flora and fauna, and in particular the kororā (Little Blue Penguin) colony established there. Our key mission is to enhance the cultural and ecological visitor experience of the area.

We work with the Air New Zealand Environmental Trust and with the assistance of Kids Restore NZ, primary and secondary school students from around the region have been working hard weeding and planting native plants for the benefit of the Little Blue Penguins in the area.

The Pukekura Trust team manages visitor hospitality and operations for Blue Penguins Pukekura tours. The team are always pleased to host visitors, media, travel agents and guests who are interested in experiencing, learning and sharing the kaitiaki guardianship messages around the world.